The BEST in the biz!

I am the organizer for one of the biggest food events in New England and beyond. I also travel all over the country as a competitive cook.
To say that I am pleased and impressed with LBSpinnerZ Artz would be an understatement.
Her shows make my jaw drop with amazement. She and her crew are true professionals and take every precaution and ensure that everyone has a great time.
She's as beautiful as she is talented. Her smile is as bright as her fire acts.
Watching her shows over the years, I've seen first hand how she has honed her skills.
She is truly amazing.
IF you need a fire performer...why would you look else where?
Reviewer: Michael Freedman
Event Date: May 5th, 2018
Services Provided: Fire Dancer, Fire Eater, Fire Performer, Hoop Dancer, Interactive Performer, Street Performer, Stunt Performer

Michael F.,
Unforgettable & Amazing!

Lady Blaze  is without a doubt the most professional and experienced fire performer in Connecticut. She has years of experience and goes above and beyond to ensure safety. Her show will be burned into your memory forever! (Pun intended)

Meghan A,
You will not be disappointed!

I have seen her perform many times locally this past year and she is on top of her field! Highly skilled! Costumes are fresh and many, never disappoints a crowd, well known and loved!! Routines are fresh and always updated.

Her personality: Bubbly, charismatic, professional, humorous, beautiful of course, great with kids as well as with adults, highly skilled, exceeds expectations whether at private or corporate events. I highly recommend LB, you will not be disappointed!

Tom P,
Thoroughly engaging, charismatic, and personable

I met Lady Blaze at Burning Man and saw her perform some of her various talents, including fire hooping, hula hooping on roller skates, fire fans, and teaching others how others how to hula hoop. She is very approachable, warm, engaging, extremely friendly, and full of enthusiasm for the performance art she does. She exudes confidence and joy in her performances and constructs fantastic, aesthetically pleasing costumes for any theme. I cannot recommend her highly enough for events where you want someone who truly loves what they do and can bring a new level of excitement.

Lynette C,