Lady Blaze has been dazzling audiences as a Fire Performer since 2002. We offer Fire Dancer services in the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, area and anywhere you are. LB is highly trained, carries Liability Insurance, and is licensed with the NYC Fire Department as a certified E-29 Fire Performer.


With over 20  years of experience as a Fire Spinner, Lady Blaze specializes in over a dozen different fire arts! As a Fire Breather, Fire Eater, Fire Hula Hoop Dancer, Fire Poi Spinner, Fire Fan Dancer, and even Fire Roller Skater and so much in between, she can create a captivating show for any event!


Connecticut Fire Eater, Fire Eating, Fire Performer

Fire Eating

Watching a Fire Eater perform brings on a lot of emotions and questions. Shock, awe, amazement! How does she put fire out in her mouth? She just lit her tongue on fire! You will see many different feats including fleshing where she drags fire across her bare skin, fire transfers where she lights her tongue on fire and lights another torch with it, vapor locks where she hold candle looking flames in her lips, and so much more!

Connecticut Fire Breather, Fire Breathing, Fire Performer

Fire Breathing

There is nothing more stunning than a Fire Breather! In the audience, you can feel the immense heat coming from the giant plume of fire that she breathes from her mouth. It is such an incredible visual experience watching a Fire Breather!

Connecticut Fire Fans, Fire Fan Dancer, Fire Performer

Fire Fans

A Fire Fan Dancer is a great act in any show! Fire Fans are a very versatile prop that can be performed to many different styles of music.