One of Connecticut’s top stilt walkers!

Rise above the rest by adding a stilt walker to your next event. Great for street fairs, carnivals, grand openings, promotional events, festivals, holiday events, parties, youth events, camps, and parades.

Choose from a variety of costumes such as Rainbow Clown, Rainbow Butterfly, Blue/Purple Butterfly, Monarch Butterfyly, Gold, Roaring 20's Flapper, Mardi Gras, 4th of July/Patriotic , Black and White Circus Stripes, Pirate, Fire Phoenix, Elegant, Steampunk, Holiday Elf, Snow Queen, Halloween devil and spider fairy, Mermaid, Fae Fairy, Jungle, Jellyfish, Ring Master, Daffodil flower, bomba events, cinco de mayo, St. Patricks day, neon colors, Seasons, Colors, or even request something new!

Matching Isis wings are available for any color and LED!

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