Halloween Fire Performances Not to be missed!

Halloween performances in Simsbury, Bridgeport, Stamford, and Greenwhich, Connecticut

First at 1:30pm in Simsbury CT at the Simsbury performing arts center Jumpin Joe and Sarah Elizabeth will be doing a 30 min Fire Show. (costumes optional)

At 7:30pm and 8:30pm at the CT Beardsley Zoo's Howl-o-ween in Bridgeport CT, see Lady Blaze and Jumpin Joe put on a spectacular Fire Show. (costumes optional)

At 11pm at the Paloma Bar in Stamford CT for the Dia De los Muertos see Lady Balze and Jumpin Joe put on yet another Fire Show. (costumes optional)

Lastly at 1am see Lady Blaze, Jumpin Joe, Ayko, Mike Howe, and others at the House of Love Halloween party in Greenwhich CT. (costumes mandatory)

Lady Blaze and Jumpin Joe of Lbspinnerz Artz spinning fire and eating fire at howl-o-ween at the beardsley zoo in bridgeport CT

howl-o-ween beardsley zoo, lbspinnerz artz fire performers

fire performers lady blaze and jumping joe

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